Everyday food products come into contact with micro-organisms. Your food too. Although most pathogens, bacteria and moulds are harmless, chances are that some will contaminate your products causing spoilage and serious risks to human health. With our microbiological testing services we identify the micro-organisms in your product and determine whether they are dangerous or innocent. For compliance with applicable regulations and ultimately – better and safer food products.

What is microbiological testing?

Microbiological testing is a method for detecting and identifying micro-organisms in foods. It is often applied to organisms that are able to contaminate products or cause illness or disease. However, it can also be used to check whether ingredients or raw materials meet certain standards or to investigate customer complaints. Routine testing and analysis ensures the microbiology of products is maintained and within regulations.

Our microbiological testing services

At Nizo we offer a wide array of microbiological testing services, such as:

Throughout the entire chain

We test and analyse contaminations throughout the entire chain. From raw materials and ingredients right up to finished products. We analyse contaminations by micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungal spores and plant toxins as well as the impact on human health and shelf life by chemical residues of pesticides and cleaning agents. In addition, we provide insights into the possible source of the contamination by including production process circumstances and storage conditions in our reports.


The results of microbiological testing answer simple questions like whether organisms form health hazards or whether certain levels are within industry guidelines. However, ultimately we turn laboratory results into real solutions that ensure food safety, improve quality and increase consumer confidence in your products. For better food and health. In every product.

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