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Identify fungi and any resulting toxins in food to determine the source and food safety or spoilage risks

Certain fungi produce mycotoxins that can cause either food spoilage or serious health risks. Some, for example, are powerful carcinogens.

These toxins can remain in your food product, even after the fungus itself has been inactivated. When you have a suspected fungal contamination, you need full information around the fungus and the toxins. Are they dangerous? Do they exceed industry limits? And how did they enter your production chain: were they already present in the raw materials and ingredients (such as wheat), or did they grow on your product post-production?

In-depth analysis of fungi and toxins present in your food product

Using fungal toxin analysis, NIZO gives you very specific insight into the original fungal contamination, and the mycotoxin that remains behind – even when the fungus itself is no longer present.

Our knowledge-based assessment takes you beyond the questions of “is this toxin a health hazard?” and “are the levels within industry guidelines?” By identifying the fungus, for example, we can provide more insight into its source, enabling you to troubleshoot your production chain, improve track and trace for raw materials and ingredients and take preventative action for the future.

NIZO can:

  • Identify the fungus and toxin
  • Identify the characteristics of the toxin: carcinogenic, other health hazards, etc.
  • Measure the levels of the fungus or toxin, and compare this to industry specifications
  • Provide insight into the root causes of the contamination and potential preventative measures
  • Use our food safety expertise to interpret and make the data actionable
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