In collaboration PEF Technologies, we will conduct a pilot testing in real industrial conditions to examine the preservation effect of nanoPEF on milk. The nanoPEF P-500 will be tested at one of the most innovative locations within the food industry in Wageningen, The Netherlands. This upcoming pilot focuses on exploring the potential of nanoPEF technology, delving into its impact on the nutritional composition of milk, and its efficacy in bacterial inactivation. NIZO Food Research will support analyses and multidisciplinary expert opinions to monitor the result and give guidance to PEF.

PEF Technologies starts a pilot in collaboration with NIZO Food Research

Addressing food preservation challenges

Current food preservation technologies often must balance challenging standards: how to prolong preservation time while still maintaining nutritional content and flavor. Besides, the limitations of using heating, which can lead to unwanted formation of components, makes the need to develop new technologies even more necessary. In this situation, the development of nanoPEF technology is bringing promises of a sustainable food preservation future.

What is nanoPEF?

NanoPEF (nanosecond pulsed electric fields) preservation is a relatively new technology that shows great promise in food conservation. The nanoPEF technology utilizes ultra-short-duration electrical pulses to treat food. It involves subjecting food to brief, high-voltage electrical pulses in the nanosecond range (billionths of a second). These pulses create an intense electric field within the food, causing a positive impact that contributes to preservation against spoilage causing damage to healthy nutrients.

Next steps into sustainable food processing

As part of our comprehensive research, we will conduct an in-depth analysis of the nutritional composition of nanoPEF-processed milk, meticulously examining its essential components and evaluating any potential alterations induced by the innovative processing technique. Our aim is to provide more information about nanoPEF processing. Within the pilot, we will showcase how nanoPEF will not compromise the nutritional value of milk, thereby positioning it as a sustainable and health-conscious alternative to conventional
pasteurization for consumers seeking unadulterated dairy products.

“NIZO Food Research is excited about interacting with startup companies acting at the forefront of innovative processing and ingredient functionality developments, like PEF Technologies. Supporting innovation and exploration of such novelties are at the core of our expertise and are wholeheartedly facilitated by the extensive infrastructure and expertise at a multi-disciplinary scale.”

Wilma Wesselink, NIZO Senior Project Manager Food.

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