Core-shell particles at fluid interfaces: Performance as interfacial stabilisers


On 14 September 2016 Christian Buchcic, supervised by Hans Tromp of NIZO and Marcel Meinders and Prof. Martien Cohen Stuart of WUR, successfully defended his thesis entitled ‘Core-shell particles at fluid interfaces: Performance as interfacial stabilisers’. This work was funded by TIFN.

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Quantifying true consumer wanting of your product: Thelometry


How can you determine if your customer truly wants your product? At NIZO, we developed a unique technology to quantify this consumer wanting: Thelometry.

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Villaume Kal joins NIZO as new CEO


NIZO food research, a global contract research organization for companies in the food and health industries, is pleased to welcome Villaume Kal (46) as the new CEO as of August 2016.

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New Dutch consortium for developing protein-rich foods


NIZO food research, Royal FrieslandCampina, Ruitenberg Ingredients and SONAC are joining forces in a consortium called TAPAS to develop protein-rich foods.

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Over 30% salt reduction achieved in cheese and meat products with great taste


A consortium of dairy company FrieslandCampina, VION Food group and NIZO food research have developed a new approach for salt reduction in consumer products. As a result of this project, new  products with over largely reduced sodium levels became available on the European market. FrieslandCampina has introduced Milner cheese with great taste and bite and 40% less salt and since 2008 VION Food group has taken more than 800 tonnes of sodium chloride  out of gammon and bacon for the UK  market.

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NIZO and Gilde Healthcare join forces for growth


Today we announce that Gilde Healthcare has joined NIZO food research as a shareholder to facilitate long term growth. Ad Juriaanse (CEO) about the further support of Gilde Healthcare’s investment: “The current strategy to grow internationally in contract research is supplemented with new, innovative business models. For example, NIZO has recently developed in-house product innovations such as fibers based on plant proteins and fat-free ice cream. It also is one of the few companies worldwide that operates a state-of-the-art pilot plant to actually produce these innovations. We see this transaction as recognition of our company’s strong market position and the expertise of our staff”.

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