A new human trial by FrieslandCampina Ingredients in close cooperation with NIZO, has shown that BiotisTM GOS impacts stool frequency and gut microbiota in adults with self-reported constipation.

Since the prevalence of gastro-intestinal (GI) discomfort is so widespread, and quality of life is strongly linked to a well-functioning GI tract, consumers are increasingly seeking natural, non-pharmaceutical solutions to support their gut health. One of the major causes of GI discomfort is constipation and this impacts 10-20% of the global population. Dietary fibre, like prebiotics, can play a key role in digestive problems, like constipation.

In this study BiotisTM GOS, a dairy-derived prebiotic ingredient was studied. GOS (galacto-oligosaccharides) can have a positive effect on the human gut microbiota and defecation frequency. The results of this study suggest that a daily BiotisTM GOS supplement or fortified food and drink with BiotisTM GOS may relief constipation.

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