Infant formula supplemented with milk-derived oligosaccharides (MOS) shifts gut microbiota closer to that of human-milk-fed infants and improves intestinal immune defence, a study by Nestlé and NIZO has found. In this challenging project, NIZO supported Nestlé by carrying out all lab work and microbiota profiling, and providing expert interpretation and insight.

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While ‘breast is best’, infant formula offers a healthy alternative where needed. Importantly, studies show that health outcomes of breastfed infants are better compared to formula-fed infants1. Therefore, finding ways to improve infant formula, and ideally bring it closer to human breast milk nutrition, is thus a priority for manufacturers.

There is increasing evidence that the oligosaccharides in breast milk play multiple roles in infant health and well-being. They help balance gut microbiota, enhance the infant’s immune system, and may support brain development. However, most infant formulas do not contain these human oligosaccharides.

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