The Protein Transition in Food professorship, in which HAS University of Applied Sciences and NIZO work together, has been successfully set up over the past 4 years. The focus within this chair is on an integrated chain approach, from soil to consumer, in order to contribute to the protein transition in the Netherlands and beyond, moving towards a more sustainable plant/animal protein balance in our diets.

NIZO and HAS University of Applied Sciences see the importance of the protein transition and the success of this collaboration. That is why the chair Protein Transition in Food is entering a new period of four years.

Fred van de Velde, Expertise Group Leader Protein Functionality, will hand the baton over to Renske Janssen and Emma Teuling. They are experienced experts in the field of plant proteins and alternative protein sources at NIZO. Renske and Emma will jointly become acting lecturers of the Protein Transition in Food lectorate.

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