Emma Teuling

Project Manager Protein Functionality

I am a food scientist by education, with a special focus on plant and novel protein technology.

My plant protein research starting back in 2009, when plant proteins were seen as cost saving alternatives to animal proteins. Since then, the alternative protein space has developed significantly and my interest and enthusiasm has grown accordingly.

In my work at NIZO, I run projects on protein extraction, techno-functionality, product development and process development. My work involves proteins from all alternative sources such as legumes, oil seeds and tubers, and since my PhD on single cell and algae proteins (2018, Wageningen University) I’ve developed a special interest in single cell proteins and Rubisco. By working together with other NIZO experts on fermentation, processing and sensory aspects, we can help you improve the taste, functionality and processing efficiency of your protein ingredient or final application.

Are you curious to learn how we can help? Feel free to reach out, I’d love to connect!

Emma Teuling

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