Fred van de Velde

Expertise Group Leader Protein Functionality

With 9 billion people to feed in the world in 2050 I believe now is the time to use alternative proteins in food products. In general these proteins are known to be more sustainable and cost effective than animal proteins. But they do have two major issues: low solubility and off-flavour and -taste.

And that’s where my main focus is: extraction, processing and application of alternative proteins in our customers’ products. Through extraction and processing we obtain high quality protein ingredients. And understanding the functionality of these new ingredients means we can control the properties and perception (mouth feel, flavour) of the final products.

Ever since I started my education at the Delft University of Technology, my work has focused on ingredients. At NIZO I started to work on the interaction of proteins and carbohydrates in relation to structure, texture and perception. This has been of great help to understand the role of ingredients in oral processing and perception. In the field of protein functionality I focus on the application, characterisation and production of alternative protein ingredients.

Are you excited too, do you want to know more or work with me on this? Please let me know.

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