Relation between spores in milk powders and predictability of spoilage of UHT milk products


March 25, 2019 – Scientists from NIZO, in close collaboration with Abbott, bioMérieux, FrieslandCampina, Nestlé and U.S. Dairy Export Council, have identified a practical and reliable microbial method to enumerate heat-resistant bacterial spores in milk powders.

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The top 4 challenges for microbiome companies


Read the blog, about the Top 4 Challenges Microbiome Companies Face.

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Replacing dairy with plant protein in cheese


In recent years, interest in plant proteins has grown as they are sustainable and cost effective. However, replacing dairy proteins by dairy proteins, often gives issues. One of the food products where proteins can be replaced by plant proteins is cheese. As NIZO has more than 70 years’ experience in dairy and cheese technology and more than 15 years’ experience with functionalizing plant proteins for uses as alternative to animal proteins, NIZO started a consortium together with HAS Den Bosch, Bel Leerdammer, FujiOil and Daiya Foods.

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Recently published: Rational strain selection for protein transition


NIZO scientist have recently published a paper on the genome comparison of Lactococci originating from dairy and plant environments. The work demonstrates how advanced statistical and bioinformatic analysis allows to condense a huge amount of data into informative figures and tables for sensible data interpretation.

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NIZO is now partnering member of the Pharmabiotic Research Institute


NIZO has the unique possibility to be partnering member of The Pharmabiotic Research Institute (PRI). The Pharmabiotic Research Institute (PRI) was founded to make Microbiotic Medicinal Products a therapeutic reality in Europe.  

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NIZO is gespecialiseerd in wetenschappelijk onderzoek op het gebied van voeding in relatie tot gezondheid. Voor voedingsmiddelen onderzoek zoekt NIZO regelmatig vrijwilligers in verschillende doelgroepen.

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