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Food production plants have grown enormously in recent years. This has a huge impact on the processes used. Quality demands have risen, requiring robust processes to ensure a first class product. In addition side-streams have become substantial, and valorising them has added to the profitability of the sites. Large sites offer a wide range of opportunities to recapture energy and water and reduce waste streams; this feature has to be recognised in the first stages of process design in order to reap its full benefits.

NIZO has one of the largest food grade industrial pilot plants in the world. My job is to fill the gap between the lab-scale work and the installation of a full-scale production site. Of course this can only be successful in close cooperation with our customers.

My background at various other companies and my experience at a wide range of production plants worldwide forms the backbone of my knowledge, and being in an environment with a lot of experts in various fields allows me to cooperate in a versatile way to achieve a production process that can be used as a blueprint for the final production line.

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Process for controlling the moisture content of a supply gas for use in drying a product DK2082180 (T3) ― 2014-08-18