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Drying processes are used in the food industry to produce all sorts of powders. In my experience the quality of these processes can often be improved, using novel technologies as well as optimising existing processes. In this the interaction between the process and product characteristics as well as understanding the fundamentals and the practical implications are of utmost importance.


When optimising processes, the product strongly affects the operation, for example in the scaling behaviour of the product during evaporation, the effect of drying conditions on the powder solubility or the effect of particle size during atomisation on the final agglomeration behaviour. Understanding the chemicophysical behaviour of products offers opportunities to design optimal processes.


After finishing my PhD at Wageningen University my work has mainly focused on drying and concentration processes and the interaction between the product and the process. The projects I have worked on have ranged from fundamental research, including supervision of PhD students, to gain insight into the survival of probiotics during drying using novel high throughput screening equipment, to the design of new evaporators and a wide variety of troubleshooting issues in dryers. In addition, I host the NIZO annual membrane concentration & evaporation and drying course.

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