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Milk has often been described as nature’s ultimate and most complete food, which makes it a fascinating object for scientific study, but also a great material for conversion into widely popular dairy products and a base for the manufacture of many top quality dairy ingredients. Particularly the unrivalled functionality of milk proteins allows us to stretch the boundaries of protein functionality further and further.

And it is particularly this area of milk protein functionality that has been my main area of focus throughout my career, including my MSc at Wageningen University and PhD at University College Cork. I have successfully linked fundamental understanding of milk protein structure and interactions to practical in-product functionality and stability during processing for products such as liquid milk, cheese and yoghurt, infant and clinical products, milk protein ingredients and ice cream. Application of this knowledge has also allowed successful elucidation of effects of novel technologies, such as high pressure processing, enzymatic cross-linking and deamidation and their application. Together with my colleagues at NIZO, we apply this knowledge to help our customers understand and improve products and processes.

As a Principal Scientist at NIZO, an adjunct professor at South Dakota State University & Victoria University in Australia and Editor-in-Chief at International Dairy Journal I stay at the forefront of dairy science, always ready to apply the latest knowledge for improved understanding to optimise products and processes.

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