Food safety

Food safety is a basic requirement for all food products and a prime requisite for public health. Incidents with foods on the market that lead to spoilage, foodborne illness, or worse, have an extremely negative impact on products of such foods and results in severe damage to consumer trust. On top of that, the unavoidable recalls are costly and compromise damage to the image and brand. As new developments in foods (e.g. plant protein transition) bring new, unknown challenges and approaches, food safety seems to be a continuing challenge for the food industry.

NIZO helps to protect your image and brand by providing support on food safety and chain control. We manage multidisciplinary and complex results and data, giving meaning to insights and interpretations, and providing hands-on solutions in the chain:

  • Raw materials and ingredients
  • Product formulation and processing conditions
  • Finished product

NIZO has more than 70 year of experience and expertise in the control of pathogens, spoilage microorganisms and contaminants in foods.

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