Lingering taste in food

Lingering taste in food



The quality of food products relies on the sensory performance of a product. This concerns the effect of the packaging materials, its convenience during preparing the food but largely also on the sensations that consumers experience during the eating. taste, aroma, texture, trigeminal (pain), astringency, cooling effects, all these factors determine the sensory properties of foods and thereby affect the final quality judgement of the consumer. In many cases, all sensory attributes need be in harmony to prove to the consumer that a product has a high quality. well appreciated sensory attributes, such as for example creaminess, require a congruent multisensory experience; the texture of a product should match its flavour (aroma and taste) performance in every way, and needs to be in line with the consumers’ expectations of the product.

Every sensory aspects has three major parameters;

  1. The intensity of the effect
  2. The balance of the effect, e.g. in combination with other sensations.
  3. The duration of the effect.

This Whitepaper addresses each of these three parameters separately and shows how products can be optimised to fulfil the consumers’ expectations.

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