Congratulations to newly-elected member of the IFT Board of Directors Stacy Pyett

We are pleased to announce that Stacy Pyett, Key Account Manager at NIZO, has been elected as a member of the IFT Board of Directors. As of September 1, 2018, Stacy Pyett will serve a three-year term.

IFT Board of Directors:

Members of the IFT Board of Directors serve as organizational stewards that help shape IFT and the professions of food science and food technology. They are responsible for cultivating a professional community committed to advance the science of food and its application across the global food system. The Board of Directors upholds strategic promises to IFT members to focus on individual development,  productive networks, scientific innovation and issues advocacy.

Stacy Pyett: “It’s exciting to work together with the IFT board. I hope that my international perspective and my experience within IFT divisions will prove valuable to the team, and I look forward to learning a lot!”

We congratulate the other individuals who will take office from September 1, 2018:

FT President-Elect: 
Pam Coleman, MBA, CFS

IFT Board of Directors:
Ken Lee, PhD
Stacy Pyett, PhD
Elizabeth E.B. Russell
Gordon Smith, PhD, CFS

Nominations & Elections Committee: 
Kelley Lowe, MS
Tara McHugh, PhD
John Ruff, MS

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