Ann Stijnman

Senior Project Manager Flavour & Texture

As a food scientist with a Batchelor’s degree in analytical chemistry and a Master’s degree in food science, I love everything related to food.

My work at NIZO is about understanding the relationships between, on the one hand, the chemical-physical properties of ingredients and their interactions and on the other hand, the sensory attributes (aroma, taste, texture and mouthfeel) of the end product. This is what drives my intrinsic motivation for working as a project manager/scientist at the food division of NIZO.

My expertise obtained in the field of flavour research combined with my expertise in food product development are the basis for doing my job and together with my colleagues, we develop more healthy and tastier food products for the food industry!

Do not hesitate to contact me if you would like help in improving your product or applying your ingredient to a product.

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