Raymond Kievit

Food Safety & Chain Control

Dairy market & NIZO, over 70 years heritage of innovation together. We jointly developed novelties that consumer around the globe enjoy every day.

Today’s consumer focus is on even healthier, more sustainable, maintaining highest quality, value for money, in full transparency. Driven by these consumer demands dairy market shows high dynamics like:  even healthier & more convenient offers, strong consolidation to increase efficiency, local traditions & quality standards exported around the globe, increased activities on infant and medical nutrition, health substantiation, and rapid NPD to keep up with latest consumer needs.

At NIZO we combine these market developments with our high quality applied expertise and we are looking forward to collaborate on your ambitions & challenges, and truly innovate together.Since November 2018 proud to be part of NIZO team. I bring to the team my background in WUR MSc Food technology, over 15 years’ international experience in food ingredients, and a strong passion for dairy.

Hope to see you soon to discuss which added value NIZO will bring you!

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