Our contribution to the world

The world population will grow to 9.7 billion people by 2050. Food resources, such as water and arable land, are increasingly depleted. Efficient and innovative solutions are needed to feed the world population in a more sustainable way. If you look at proteins, we believe combining animal and plant proteins is the way forward. We help the food industry to develop tasty and healthy food products by application of plant proteins. For example, fibres that are made from pea and can be added to enrich existing products, such as smoothies.

Health issues such as obesity are becoming more predominant. We know that better food is essential for better health. Consumers are looking for products with low sugar, fat and salt, but with no concession on taste. That’s where we come in: we at NIZO provide reduction solutions that help to keep a pleasant mouth feel and indulgent experience.

We also apply our expertise to help food and health companies demonstrate their ingredients’ health benefits and build their health claims.