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I started my professional life in 1989 in the food trade and in 2000 I moved to the food industry. Whereas in trade the product is a given fact, in the food industry everything is open and you can design the product according to the positioning you want. Being a concept professional with a marketing and business background I see myself as a consultative salesperson.

I have worked in international management positions in the fields of sauces & spices as well as in coffee and juice. Innovation has always been a strong driver for my personal development, especially in the application side of the food business. Food is my world: people call me a grocer (“kruidenier” in Dutch), which I see as a compliment.

At NIZO my focus is on the processing centre and processing technology. With our unique food-grade processing centre we offer capacity on demand, decreased time to market, cost reduction and scientific backup. Please contact me to let me help create value for you.

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