One of the main ingredients of Dutch syrup waffles (Dutch: Stroopwafels) is butter. Did you know that the butter which is used for these syrup waffles is made according to the ‘NIZO butter process’?

Traditionally, butter was produced by churning fermented sour cream according to a discontinuous process, which also produced large quantities of sour buttermilk as a by-product. Nowadays, butter is usually made using the ‘NIZO butter process’, which was developed at NIZO in the 1960s. In this process, sweet cream is churned instead of fermented sour cream, and acidification and flavour formation in the butter take place only after the sweet cream has been churned.

NIZO butter process

Flavour can be formed through the use of lactic acid distilled butter flavours and the addition of aromatic starter cultures, which can be incorporated into the butter. A major advantage of the NIZO butter process is that the sweet buttermilk produced during this production process is a co-product and not a by-product. The sweet buttermilk can easily be used as an ingredient in a variety of applications in the dairy industry or as a starting material for the isolation of functional ingredients, such as milk fat globule membrane.

Enjoy your Dutch syrup waffle!