NIZO Butter Process

How the butter process was developed at NIZO

Nowadays, butter is usually made according to the NIZO butter process, which was developed at NIZO in the 1960’s. In this process, sweet cream, rather than fermented sour cream is churned and acidification and aroma formation in the butter occurs only after the sweet cream has been churned. Using this method, acidification and aroma formation occurs after the sweet cream has been churned. Sweet buttermilk is created during this production process. The sweet buttermilk is easy to use as an ingredient in a wide variety of dairy industry applications. Aroma can be formed by using lactic acids or distilled butter aromas. Traditionally, cream was derived from automatically creaming milk fat; the cream was skimmed off from the milk. The invention of the cream centrifuge paved the way to industrialization. Later, the additional processing stage known as churning was likewise further automated. Nowadays, a butter churn is used to process the butter into a finished product.