The PEARL consortium

The PEARL consortium aims to develop integrated pipelines of preclinical models and early stage Proof of Concept (PoC) clinical trials to more successfully identify and develop functional ingredients.

Research pipeline for resistance against infections

Because of the difficulties in obtaining health claim approval, there is a strong need for alignment of the approach for health claim substantiation. This includes the identification of a relevant pre-clinical approach, as well as the development of human proof of concept models, aligned in a structured pipeline.

Developing new functional ingredients with health claims like ‘supports resistance against infections’ is an error-prone, often long -hence expensive- process.  The dossier for health claim substantiation needs to contain consistent pre-clinical and clinical data that support the beneficial health effect of a specific food or food ingredient. NIZO has a great  track record in preclinical as well as clinical studies verifying health benefits and underlying mechanisms.

Together with other food and ingredient companies –still open for extra participants-  a new integrated pipeline of preclinical models and early stage Proof of Concept (PoC) clinical trials will be developed in the PEARL project. This will help numerous food and ingredient companies to select the right ingredients with the largest chance of success. Sharing a validated pipeline with others will result in a better and faster screening process.

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