Analytical Services

Analytical Services

Analytics are crucial for objective decision making in Research and Development, for instance for product improvements, claim substantiation, establishing shelf-life or for batch release.
NIZO is known for contract research and manufacturing. For this we use a broad range of validated chemical, texture, health and microbiological analyses  that run under carefully controlled conditions. NIZO is specialized in setting up dedicated methodologies, validating these and if desired these can be implemented at your facility.

Our strength lies in performing these analyses in the complex and variable matrix of foods and supporting you with the interpretation of the results in a broader context.
Analytics are a crucial part of research projects, but we offer most analysis separately as well.

Analytical Services we offer:

NIZO’s expert sensory panel

When developing new products technical analysis is a good start. When you aim to develop your product on the sensory side you want to get useful sensory feedback that helps you to develop your product in the desired direction. For this you need a professional sensory panel.

NIZO’s sensory expert panel consists of 12 selected and professionally trained sensory graders and has a working experience of 15 years.
The members of the panel are among the 10% best skilled individuals in smelling and tasting of the normal (Dutch) population.


They have a vast experience in evaluating (dairy) foods, beverages, Infant Formula, plant proteins and (dairy) ingredient products and are involved in eg flavor and texture profiling,
Descriptive analysis, Temporal analyses (TI, TDS, Multi Sip), off-flavour and shelf life studies and difference testing.

Flavour profiling analytical tools in combination with the NIZO expert sensory panel will give a good overview of for example off-notes in your product and helps to optimize your product for consumer acceptance.