Flavour & Texture interactions

Flavour and texture are key drivers in food preference and selection. Creating a product with an optimal aroma and taste and minimal salt, sugar and fat levels while meeting the demand for clean label is a major challenge for product development. With our expertise to instrumentally and sensorially characterise and simulate the performance of these aspects, you will create delicious products that perfectly fit consumer expectations.

Besides an excellent aroma and taste profile, the mouthfeel of a product upon consumption is also a key aspect in the overall quality perception of a food product. Consumers expect food products low in calories or formulated with new sources of ingredients, but also with a level of creaminess just as good as the original product. Building acceptable healthy food alternatives can be very challenging.

With our extensive expertise in flavour, texture and the interaction between them you have access to state-of-the-art flavour and texture tools in combination with sensory studies (expert panel, consumers). This will help you to improve the quality of foods for optimal consumer reward.

Producing natural, clean label flavours by fermentation or enzymatic processes is another key area of our expertise. With our in-depth technical knowledge about flavour and texture interactions we can help you create delicious all-natural products.


Working together in consortia

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