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“This is where you exchange, where people update each other. New concepts, ideas and new possibilities for cooperation. Always good to see at NIZO what’s coming next.” – as visitors to our booth were saying. We met with international customers from all over the world and noticed that  dairy and meat alternatives are becoming mainstream and a dramatic increase in new product launches with a plant based claim. Plant-based ingredients become the core of new product positioning.

Plant-based & high protein products

With increasing health and sustainability concerns around animal-based products, an increasing number of consumers are seeking viable plant-based alternatives for meat and dairy products.

Plant-derived proteins provide an ideal answer to the increasing demand for nutritious protein-rich foods. Now and in the future as population growth further increases the need for proteins. However, many plant proteins available today have lost functionality during the isolation and drying processes. Our experts have now developed a proven, affordable development process to improve plant protein quality, ready for wide application into food today.

One of the recent successes of NIZO is the development of a high functional pea protein isolate with excellent solubility. When applying plant protein ingredient in (high protein) beverages, solubility is one of the key functionalities. Low solubility generally relates to the perception of attributes, such as powdery or sandy. The NIZO pea protein isolate is fully soluble. Next key functionality is heat stability during UHT processing of ready to drink beverages. Low heat stability results in the formation of protein aggregates and lumps. The NIZO pea protein is heat stable and allows to prepare a RtD beverage.

Gut health

Known as our ‘second brain’, our gut is the centre of our digestive and immune system. At the HI Europe 2016, gut health was represented with a focus on digestive health with popular ingredients such as probiotics, prebiotics, fibres and digestive enzymes, but also immune health with ingredients that enhance our natural defences. At our booth, visitors were able to see the IntelliCap in real-life! With this system, we can obtain and analyse samples from the small intestine for analysis of microbiota composition in a non-invasive way, opening up research opportunities into the impact of the small intestine microbiome on health and disease. This is likely to lead to a greater understanding of the significance of the gut microbiome; and with it, opportunities for new therapeutics.

We look forward to discuss the opportunities with you! Let’s innovate together.