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‘Commercially available tasty protein enriched fruit juices’

More natural, more protein and more nutritional content in general; this is where the worldwide food, health and wellness market seems to be heading in the immediate future. At the HI Europe 2016 in Frankfurt visitors of our booth had the opportunity to taste protein enriched fruit juices. These protein enriched juices are the result of the Cater with Care consortium. The fruit drink aimed to increase protein consumption, maintaining health and muscle strength, was co-developed with Carezzo Nutrition within this consortium. A tasty juice, providing 10 mg of protein per serving of 150 ml was developed.

Co-development of these protein enriched fruit drinks

A careful selection of proteins was done and the route how to include these to produce the protein enriched fruit drinks was developed. In this development, it was important to maintain the uniqueness of the beverage: purely based on fresh fruit juice. Our expertise and knowledge on production of dairy protein ingredients and impact on flavour & taste ,  was used to select the best proteins to produce a stable, microbiological safe and tasteful drink. A successful introduction to the market of the protein enriched fruit juice was assisted using the expertise of upscaling processes to industrial scale. A similar approach was used to extend the product line of Carezzo Nutrition with protein enriched dairy-fruit beverages, soups and ice-cream.

Cater with Care consortium:

The Cater with Care consortium is a cooperation between key partners in the food chain, care organizations and nutrition sciences. The goal of this consortium was to increase protein intake by older adults with or at risk of undernutrition. In this consortium, a high protein drink was part of a diet, which scientifically showed to increase protein intake and physical recovery of elderly patients in hospitals. Partners of Cater with Care are NIZO food research, Carezzo, Heinz, Pure4You, Sodexo, Stichting Promotie Kalfsvlees, Wageningen UR and Ziekenhuis Gelderse Vallei.