Avis Nugroho carried out his PhD work on the Metabolism of lactoccoci under non-growing and cheese production conditions at NIZO. The project was part of a bigger TIFN project on “Evolutionary trade-offs in dairy fermentation”. The work of Avis delivered nice results on how starter pre-culture conditions can influence flavour formation and how the speed at which an organism makes flavours influences the overall amount of flavour formation. Avis was supervised by Michiel Kleerebezem, professor at Wageningen University & Research, in collaboration with Herwig Bachman, Expertise Group Leader Fermentation at NIZO and Assistant Professor VU University.

Avis will defend his thesis on Tuesday the 25th of April at Wageningen University. Before the defence there will also be a mini symposium (Room A-0107, Ground floor Zodiac Building 122) from 10 till 12AM CEST with the following program:

  • Novel dairy ingredients – a Discover perspective”, by Professor Ana Rute Neves, director at ARLA food ingredients
  • Enrichment ecology of Campylobacter”, by  Professor Heidy den Besten, personal chair at Food Microbiology, WUR
  • Proteome adaptation in response to environmental changes in Lactococcus cremoris”, by Berdien van Olst, MSc, PhD student at Host Microbe Interactomics, WUR

If you are interested in joining please send a mail to Herwig Bachmann. See the button below for downloading a PDF of the thesis. If you would like to have a hard copy, please also inform Herwig.

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