The Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Food Product and Process Modelling, a joint initiative of NIZO and Process Systems Enterprise (PSE), introduces a comprehensive, advanced food process-product model library.

Process Systems Enterprise, the Advanced Process Modelling company, released version 1.3 of the gPROMS FormulatedProducts. This a model-based digitalisation platform for the integrated digital design of robust formulated products and their manufacturing processes as well as digital operation of these processes. This release introduces an innovative model package developed specifically for the food industry. The package was created by the Centre of Excellence ( for Food Product and Process Modelling, in close collaboration with NIZO, one of the world’s leading food & nutrition contract research organisations, with a 35+ year track record in successful modelling food process-product interactions for a broad range of customers.

Sherwin Safavi Nic, Process Technologist – Modelling and Simulations at Danone commented, “The Centre of Excellence for Food Product and Process Modelling brings together the unique knowledge of industrial partners, the long-term expertise from NIZO and the advanced digitalization platform and expertise from PSE allowing the industry to accelerate sustainable process development, optimize processes and reduce time to market for new products.”

The CoE also provides targeted experimentation on lab, pilot and semi-industrial scale to support model development and validation. Combining mechanistic modelling and targeted experimentation this CoE brings to the food industry: significant improvements in food products quality, increased efficiency and more reliable manufacturing processes and reduced costs while ensuring food safety.

“We are excited to see PSE’s increasing capability to support digitalisation of R&D, engineering and commercial manufacture to be extended to the broad food industry”, says Sean Bermingham, head of PSE Formulated Products.

Built on PSE’s state-of-the art gPROMS® modelling platform, gPROMS FormulatedProducts provides advanced capabilities to the food industry to enable model-based design and optimisation of process operations such as heat treatment, membrane separation, falling film evaporation, lyophilisation, crystallisation and spray drying. With targeted experimentation and expertise from the CoE, the Food Manufacture library helps companies to reduce time to market, minimize investment risks, reduce production costs and improve product quality and functionality.

“NIZO’s strong and long-term modelling capabilities integrated in the gPROMS® platform and the combined expertise of PSE and NIZO will not only enable the food industry to optimise existing processes, but will also provide the expertise and tools required to drive innovation and achieve sustainability goals in food manufacturing”, says NIZO modelling expert Kevin van Koerten.

About NIZO

NIZO ( is world leading in contract research for better food and health. NIZO operates one of the most advanced R&D centers in the world and brings the latest food technologies to life in its food-grade processing center. NIZO focuses on the development and applications of innovations for the global food and health industry. NIZO’s customers value their gains in product quality, sustainability, cost effectiveness and speed to market. NIZO is continuously looking for new ways of improving food products, and at the same time quality of life. NIZO is a private and independent company, with headquarters in Ede, the Netherlands.

About Process Systems Enterprise Ltd (PSE)

PSE ( is the world’s foremost provider of Advanced Process Modelling software and services to the process industries. Companies apply advanced process models to explore the process decision space rapidly and effectively, in order to reduce uncertainty and make better, faster and safer formulation, process and product design and operating decisions. PSE is committed to defining, developing and driving the adoption of next-generation process modelling software and workflows.

PSE provides gPROMS family products built on its gPROMS® advanced modelling platform. These include the gPROMS FormulatedProducts modelling suite, which provides mechanistic models for active ingredient manufacture, formulation and product performance as well as specific capabilities for optimising solids and crystallization process design and operation.

PSE’s global customer base of Fortune 500 process industry companies, in addition to being used in over 200 universities around the world, is served by operations in the UK, USA, Japan and Korea, and agencies in China, Taiwan and Thailand.

About Centre of Excellence

CoE ( for food Product and Process Modelling, initiated by Process Systems Enterprise Ltd. (PSE) and NIZO serves as a single point service for comprehensive, advanced food product-process modelling combined with laboratory scale tools and semi-industrial scale pilot facilities to generate required data for model development and validation.

For more information please contact Peter Heusinkveld, Business Development Manager Processing at NIZO.