Have you been struggling to find a proven approach to screen and substantiate the health benefits of your food products? In this new whitepaper, we will show you how such a process looks like.


Ingredients, foods and diets all play an important role in maintaining health. This is well-accepted in general. But when it comes to specific health claims, regulatory agencies worldwide require food industry players to provide evidence based on sound scientific studies. It is difficult to substantiate the relationship between specific nutrients and health, primarily because the effects are relatively subtle and may become apparent only in the long term. In addition, the great biological variation in what is considered ‘healthy’ makes it difficult to interpret the benefits of nutrients to individuals, within what is considered to be a normal range. However, an integrative approach, combining scientific and regulatory guidance, targeted preclinical studies, well-designed clinical trials, biomarker analysis and expert interpretation, provides a path. Throughout this journey, NIZO offers science-based insight, tools and systems to build a convincing case. In this paper, we lay out the steps, methods and considerations of our integrated approach to the substantiation of health benefit or nutritional impact claims.