Food processing, upscaling and contract manufacturing

In today’s fast-moving food market, there is huge demand for new ingredients and new food products. And that, in turn, means you need new, adapted or optimized food production processes. Naturally, the end result must taste, look, feel and smell right – but cost and time-to-market are also critical to success.

Speed your route to market

NIZO helps you accelerate your path to market for new food innovations through extensive production process upscaling support and expert contract manufacturing. We combine over 70 years of experience in both food science and food production processes. So, we understand how to optimize your production processes and how those changes will affect your product, helping speed product and process development.

All that know how comes together at our unique pilot production plant. It is the largest food-grade pilot plant in Europe that is open to external companies. Carrying out your product and processes development in a food-grade facility means every prototype can be immediately taste tested, reducing development delays.

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