NIZO scientist have recently published a paper on the genome comparison of Lactococci originating from dairy and plant environments. The work demonstrates how advanced statistical and bioinformatic analysis allows to condense a huge amount of data into informative figures and tables for sensible data interpretation.

“As we are very busy with new fermentative strategies to support the protein transition movement an important point of this study is that it demonstrates how genomic information can be exploited for rational strain selection used to ferment novel substrates” according to our Expertise Group Leader Fermentation, Herwig Bachmann. “It allows us to group strains based on full genome sequences while zooming in on specific functionalities. We can more reliably address questions on e.g. what plant isolates are predicted to have a flavor formation profile most similar to that of strains isolated from dairy environment”, says Jos Boekhorst, our Scientist Microbiomics.

The work was carried out in collaboration with a project of the Top Institute Food and Nutrition. Do you want to know more? Please contact Ioana Iorga, Business Development Manager Personal Care & Health.