We are happy to announce that Sabina Lukovac will present ‘Unlocking the health potential of novel ingredients‘, during Fi Global CONNECT – Health Ingredients in the Spotligt at June 15 2021, 12.00PM – 12.30PM CEST. This presentation is available on demand from June 14th for the entire week. Do you want to discuss live with Sabina Lukovac, then join this presentation at June 15 12.00PM – 12.30 PM CEST.

Offering substantiated health benefits is an attractive way to add value to your novel food ingredients, to differentiate them, and to meet consumer demands. Today’s consumers want functional foods that provide health benefits such as digestive comfort, enhanced immunity and infection resistance. But how to get to compelling and convincing stories for the consumers, and gather credible scientific evidence to support these and future health claims? This presentation will elaborate on this topic explaining approaches including the use of in vitro models, food trials and technologies that can contribute in (cost)efficient assessment of health benefits in novel food ingredients.