NIZO announces via the recently placed ‘construction board’ on its site in Ede, the Netherlands the execution of the SPRINT project, strengthening the innovative ecosystem by extension of its food-grade pilot plant to test new products for optimal support of the protein transition, the circular economy and the resilient recovery of the region East-Netherlands.

Op oost - EU

The SPRINT project is co-funded by the European Union in the context of the REACT-EU program that is implemented for the Dutch provinces Overijssel and Gelderland by the European subsidy program OP Oost 2014-2020.  The ‘Sustainable PRotein INnovation and Test centre (SPRINT)’ project is getting shape. In close concert with multiple start-ups and other companies in the region and beyond, strategic choices have been made for the upgrade of NIZO’s pilot plant and the necessary equipment has been identified and ordering and installation of equipment has started.

The focus of the extension is on supporting the transition from animal to plant and microbial proteins for the production of dairy, meat and egg alternatives, for which industrially relevant equipment for the isolation of proteins from plant and microbial sources as well as for the production of dairy and meat alternatives are needed. At NIZO we are proud to facilitate and to accelerate the protein transition and thus lowering the CO2 footprint of food productions.

The client base working on more sustainable food productions is growing and they are making use of the already well-equipped pilot plant and NIZO’s expert scientific knowledge. The new equipment will cater for food-grade testing and scale-up facilities and rely on accessible, affordable, and food-grade third-party facilities and gives innovative start-ups, scale-ups and large companies the opportunity to develop new ideas and test, demonstrate and manufacture products in an accessible way.

“We at TTM try to introduce a new creamy ingredient in the plant-based product market. For that we need high quality samples in order to create concept products and convince future customers. NIZO has been a suitable partner during this journey with their long upscaling experience and their focus on food safety.”

Dimitris Karefyllakis, CEO of Time-travelling Milkman and SPRINT user group participant

“We are a science driven company, and our core business is to solve a magnitude of practical and strategic issues in the food and health arena. Big and small: ranging from improving taste and texture, to megatrends as the current plant protein transition and the focus on health benefits.”

Ben van der Deen, Business Development Manager NIZO
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