NIZO expert dr. Peter de Jong appointed professor dairy technology at VHL University of applied sciences

As of September 1st  2014, NIZO expert Dr. Peter de Jong has been appointed as professor of Dairy Processing by VHL University for Applied Sciences for three days per week. Together with students, teachers, engineers and project companies, Professor De Jong will focus on the development and application of innovative technologies for sustainable dairy production.

Will the Netherlands stay a model country for dairy in the future?

The Netherlands is known worldwide as the dairy country par excellence. In no other country are dairy products  made as efficiently and with such high quality. Maintaining this status requires action and investment. For instance, there are not enough process engineers. Moreover, there is increasing demand for sustainable dairy.

Examples of development and application of innovative technologies for sustainable production at dairies include separation technology, which aims to maximize the use of raw materials, and ‘mild’ processes, which seek to maximize the nutritional value of products. Technologies like these are important for dairies to achieve an eco-efficient process with optimal product quality and the lowest possible production costs and environmental burdens.

This partnership between VHL University, dairy companies and R&D companies like NIZO, makes sure new technologists are trained for the market and new technologies become more accessible to industry.

NIZO invests heavily in these type of relationships with universities, both inside and outside the Netherlands. Currently, NIZO has six members of staff with part-time appointments at universities in Utrecht, Wageningen, Nijmegen, HAS Den Bosch and South Dakota University. This ensures inspiration from our academic network and easy access to new staff.

Peter will be inaugurated on February 9th 2015. You are welcome to attend.

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