Berend Oosterhuis

Chief Operating Officer

NIZO’s true value lies in its people. The collective knowledge and expertise of Research Specialists, Project Managers and Scientists is at the heart of this company. My task is to keep this engine running.

I have spent the first part of my career at a dynamically (sometimes hectically) growing CRO specialized in Transporter Proteins, SOLVO Biotechnology. Through the various roles that I had, I learned a lot about contract research and what it takes to become a successful CRO. I have been responsible for driving sales but also for operational quality and efficiency. The dynamism of a medium-sized CRO and the value that a relatively small company can bring to large corporations in Food or Pharma excites me. But mostly I am driven by building teams, motivating people and creating an atmosphere where people feel valued, enabling them to bring out the best of themselves.

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