Celine Brattinga

Marketing Manager

With a background in Nutrition & Health from Wageningen University, I started at NIZO in 2007 as a project manager in sensory science and product applications. In addition to this role, I fulfilled the valued position of panel leader for the highly trained analytical panel of NIZO.

In 2017, an exciting new chapter unfolded when I transferred to NIZO’s marketing department. Here I have the privilege of reviving scientific content, expertly translating it and publishing it into valuable information. My responsibilities extend beyond content creation and include optimizing the customer journey, carefully coordinating and analyzing (online) campaigns, carefully preparing (online) events & conferences, and continuously improving our website.

Driven by an unwavering passion for excellence, I am committed to delivering exceptional results in every venture I undertake. Whether it’s sharpening its online presence, building compelling campaigns or facilitating seamless customer experiences, I continually strive for excellence to keep NIZO at the forefront of innovation and scientific discovery!

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