Guido Staring

Scientist Advanced Analytics

Proteins and carbohydrates are the main components of many food products. They have both nutritional and functional properties. Alternative proteins have in general lower solubility and off-flavour and -taste. Analyzing these (non)-volatiles can give insight in the flavour perception of these proteins in processed and or fermented products.

The focus of my work after my study Analytical chemistry in Nijmegen is on chromatographic analysis in combination with e.g. mass spectrometry (MS) detection of peptide/proteins and carbohydrates. Measuring heat treatment (denaturation, modification) of milk and alternative proteins for e.g. use in infant formula. And analyzing peptide/proteins and carbohydrates for optimizing the cheese and yoghurt process.

During the twenty years I have been working for NIZO, I have worked as a scientist on a lot of different R&D projects. This concludes analysis of chemical contaminants in food products controlling food safety and quality issues. Digestibility of dairy and non-dairy food products including prebiotics and probiotics is of interest in nutritional research. Peptide/proteins, carbohydrates and metabolites can be analyzed in food, feces and blood samples to gain information on digestibility and health benefits.

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