Jan Hein Hagenbeek

Senior Business Development Manager Food & Nutrition

About 30 years ago I build the base for a wonderful combination of work and passion. Through my study Food Technology at the Wageningen University I learned what is behind Food & Beverages, I experienced interaction with other cultures and I learned how to market food & beverage products as well as their ingredients. I completed my internship in the USA, travelled throughout my study to exciting places and tasted local dishes and drinks during these trips. During my first assignment, I discovered that I am most successful in complex B2B segments, where I got energised by creating the circumstances to make my teams successful, create loyalty and had the opportunity to work in inspiring environments. These teams delivered the numbers allowing me to focus on strategy, take up complex challenges and additional tasks. I love setting the scene for success by challenging and motivating my colleagues to step out of their comfort zone, step by step, again and again.

 I very much enjoy food & beverages, the way there are composed, upgraded, adapted and made fit for the future. Focusing on innovation & transition of ingredients, as we need to make changes to secure safe and sufficient food supply in 2050. Do you have a need to find a solution to your food and product related challenges, please, contact me.

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