Jolanda Lambert

Senior Project Manager Microbiology

In my role as senior project manager at NIZO, I am involved in a wide range of R&D projects related to the application of microorganisms in food and health.

My expertise and passion lie in molecular biology, pre-, pro-, syn-, and postbiotics, the microbiota, and fermentation. Furthermore, I am well-versed and highly interested in handling the data related to these areas of expertise, by the implementation of bioinformatics, data streamlining, and machine learning.

After obtaining my PhD degree studying host-microbe interaction in Lactobacillus at Wageningen University & Research, I have worked for both pharma and food industry. This has allowed me to not only develop a strong scientific background, but also relevant organizational skills. At NIZO food research, I much enjoy working with different kinds of organizations, to come to optimal solutions in food and health together.

I look forward to learning about your challenges and ambitions. Please, feel free to contact me any time!

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