José Escher

Business Development Manager Sales

Protein Transition

Preparing meals and having dinner with friends has always been on my list of favourite activities. So food technology and especially processing of food has my attention!

When I started working at NIZO the pilot plant was my favourite working place. All the different unit operations and skilled people gave the impression of a nice playground for product developers and process engineers. And basically this is true. But of course at the end of the day, also in this playground, it is about business. So, together with our clients we are continuously working on getting their specific processes up and running.

For me the most exciting trajectories are the newly developed products whose production starts at NIZO. It is always challenging to get the processes up and running at such a speed that QA, R&D and even the marketers are satisfied.

More and more companies are looking for opportunities to outsource the production of products with small volumes. And just as we can help to start up production for newly developed products, NIZO has also good facilities for specialist small-volume productions, especially when the QA demands are above average.

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