Kerensa Broersen

Senior Project Manager Food Digestion and Analytics

I was educated as registered dietician initially, followed by touches of stem cell and organoid biology, protein biochemistry and food protein modifications through a PhD and various postdoctoral positions. I investigated protein misfolding and aggregation in neuronal cells and in food, the interaction between proteins and lipids, and the role of proteins in signaling pathways between different types of cells and between different types of tissues. In 2011 I started a tenure track position as associate professor at the University of Twente. Together with my research team we explore the use of stem cell biology to generate mini organs resembling intestine, brain and heart tissue. Here I still work, part-time, strategically integrating my activities in Twente with my work at NIZO.  

Even though my educational journey seemed variable and unfocused at first, I always felt that one day I would be able to fuse all of these interests together into a uniquely placed advisory position that would enable me to exploit all that I learned over the past decades to address current-day challenges. My position at the Advanced Analytics team at NIZO is providing me with such a platform. As I give guidance to the NIZO Advanced Analytics team on a day to day basis, I fully enjoy providing my expertise input into projects venturing topics such as in vitro digestion, protein transition and analytics of bioactives. Overlooking complex cross-disciplinary projects with an academic touch and translational aspects is what makes me thrive.  

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