Margreet Rippen

Project Manager Sensory Research

“The proof of the pudding is in the eating ”

This phrase conveys that the real worth or success of something cannot be determined unless it has been tried and tested. And that is exactly what we do at NIZO with our highly experienced (20 years!) and very active sensory expert panel with members who possess a keen sense of taste, smell, flavor and texture to evaluate and analyze products based on their sensory attributes.

With a background in nutrition and dietetics I am responsible for the sensory work performed at NIZO which includes leading and training our expert panel. With shared passion and curiosity to uncover the sensory profile of foods and beverages we gain understanding and knowledge to help optimize formulations, refine production processes and create tangible leads to steer product development and consumer liking.

What is the sensory profile of my product/prototype? How does my new ingredient perform in various matrixes and/or is affected by different processing techniques? What off-flavor is responsible for a consumer complaint? How stabile is my product during shelf life? How does my product compare with competitor products?

If any (or other) of these queries interest you, I invite you to challenge our sensory taste buds with your food, beverage or ingredient to explore and unravel its sensory potential to your benefit!

Margreet Rippen

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