Robyn Eijlander

Science Innovation Manager

As Science Innovation Manager and Senior Project Manager at NIZO, I strive to offer optimal connection between industrial innovation needs in the foods and ingredients market and science-based practical solutions developed by NIZO and consortium partners. I have a scientific background in Molecular Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, through my PhD and PostDoc research at the University of Groningen, where I studied various molecular processes in Bacillus species, including protein secretion, sporulation and spore germination. The growing need to help translate all these amazing scientific findings to practical solutions for industry motivated me to leave academic research and continue my career as a Senior Project Manager at NIZO.

At NIZO, I have broadened my knowledge and expertise to various relevant research areas for the food industry, by managing numerous bilateral and pre-competitive consortium research projects in the field of food microbiology and food safety (dairy, cocoa and plant-based), human microbiota, bioinformatics, fermentation and cellular agriculture. As a Science Innovation Manager, I enjoy combining my knowledge and expertise as a research scientist with my developed communication and organization skills to connect the dots and translate leads for innovation to practical solutions for our customers. I play a key role in the identification, initiation, set-up and coordination of pre-competitive consortia.

Always happy to discuss further with you how NIZO and I can support you in the area food and ingredient innovation!

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