Wim Engels

Senior Project Manager Fermentation & Microbiology

Milk has often been described as nature’s ultimate and most complete food, which makes it a fascinating object for scientific study, but also a great material for conversion into widely popular dairy products and a base for the manufacture of many top quality dairy ingredients.

The focus of my work since my PhD on cheese ripening at NIZO and Wageningen University has been on in food fermentations and flavour formation processes in foods. Emphasis is on dairy foods such as cheese and yogurt, but also non-dairy food fermentations, involving bacteria, yeast and molds, have our attention. Various aspects of (off) flavour and texture formation, mechanisms and analysis, are covered in our projects focused on food product and process optimization and on NPD. A challenge is application of “new” or adapted food-grade microorganisms and fermentation processes in food products for boosting and tailoring flavour and texture.

Do you want to discuss dairy science and technology further? Then do not hesitate to contact me.

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