Mouthfeel is as important to food properties as flavour. If the flavour of a food product is very good, but the mouth feel does not fit with the food product, this food product will probably not be very successful on the market. With a comprehensive texture analysis of food products, we can help you get proper insights in the textural characteristics of your foods. By doing so, we provide a strong foundation for further food related enhancements.

Texture enhancement through tribology

Tribology is known as the study of friction and lubrication between contracting surfaces. In other words, we examine how your food products behave while they are digested. By performing tribological measurements throughout the texture analysis of food products, we can help you improve the texture and mouthfeel of your products.

Three levels of analysis

In addition to flavour analysis and other food analysis, we can provide three different levels of analysis:

  • Specialist testing
    At this level, specific tests regarding food & dairy related issues will be carried out. The results of these physical and texture related measurements will be interpreted and discussed with you.
  • Multidisciplinary analysis
    During this level, multidisciplinary teams are set up to perform the diverse set of tests. The results of these tests will be analysed, interpreted and conclusions will be made based on the combined set of results. The findings and results will be documented into a report and discussed with you.
  • Strategic innovation
    At this level, joint strategic innovation will be set up, like a long term partnership.

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