ADPI – 22nd Annual Dairy Ingredients Technical Symposium

ADPI – 22nd Annual Dairy Ingredients Technical Symposium

Don’t miss the 22nd Annual Dairy Ingredients Technical Symposium by ADPI, where you will be updated about NIZO’s expertise in dairy application for medical nutrition by Jovian Bunawan, Senior Project Manager Dairy Proteins at NIZO.

Hihglights of the presention

  • Medical nutrition typically is a very interesting food system that consists of a lot of ingredients that are present in the formulation to fulfil the nutritional requirement in order for the product to comply and categorized as medical nutrition.
  • This would mean numerous ingredient interactions are expected to take place during processing of such products, which will influence the characteristic of the final product; may it be on the product stability, sensory acceptance, or nutritional quality.
  • NIZO will be able to deliver holistic approach in tackling challenges in production of medical nutrition, for having the experienced scientists in the respective areas and the facilities required, such as:
    • Experienced experts in medical nutrition formulation, dairy and plant protein science, ingredient interaction, food structuring, sensory science, nutrition and health (including clinical study), process technology, microbiology and food safety, and many more.
    • Food grade lab and pilot plant, ability to perform clinical study, dedicated sensory panel
  • Basically, NIZO has all the necessary puzzle pieces in house to help clients to solve challenges they foresee in the field of medical nutrition.

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About the symposium

This symposium has been designed to help ensure dairy ingredient manufacturers and marketers get advanced insights to innovate and best meet the future needs in the marketplace for sustainable dairy ingredients.

The program is organized into key session topics that include:

  1. Dairy Ingredient Marketplace
  2. Nutrition and Health
  3. Competitive Technology Landscape
  4. Delivering Value to End-Users
  5. Sustainable Product and Process Innovation

This virtual format is scheduled to span over the course of 5 consecutive days from October 12-16, 2020. The virtual format will feature “live sessions and panels” that will be completed in 2 to 2.5 hours each day to allow time for all attendees.