European Spores Conference

The European Spores Conference (ESC) provides the only worldwide forum for scientists with an interest in spore-forming microbes and now attracts participants (academic and industry) from across the globe. Our Project Manager Microbiomics, Robyn Eijlander, will give a presentation about ‘Spores in dairy – new insights in detection, enumeration and risk assessment’.

Furthermore, talks about the following subjects will be held:

    • Bacillus as a model for studying cell differentiation
    • Spore structure and function
    • The impact of spores in the food industry
    • Clostridium difficile and the role of the spores in disease and dissemination
    • Bacillus anthracis
    • The use of spores in food as human dietary supplements and animal feed products including aquaculture
    • Applied uses of spores including bioremediation and biosensors

The ESC will be held in London, 16-19 April 2018.