FI Europe Paris

FI Europe Paris

At this years most important food show NIZO will be exhibiting on stand number 30H141. Join us on December 3 – 5 and to explore the latest technologies and developments in the food, beverage, dairy & ingredient sector.

You will also get a chance to meet us during the Future of Nutrition Summit & the Fi Conference. On December 2, one day prior to the start of the show, René Floris will present on “Protein technology to steer the future of food and beverage”

Proteins will continue to be a crucial benefit and ingredient in the food and beverage industry in the coming years. On one hand there is a trend for including more protein in food and beverage (high protein products) using highly functional and nutritional (dairy) proteins. On the other hand consumers are becoming more and more aware of the environmental impact of food and therefore prefer plant proteins over animal proteins. Current and future technologies and trends will be highlighted that are need to shape the future of food and beverage’

On december 3, on the first day of the show Fred van de Velde will present on “From seed to society: plant derived protein ingredients”

Plant proteins are dominating the trends in the food and beverage market. In these trends we see that plant proteins or plant protein ingredients from many different sources are being applied and developed. Some plant proteins are clearly consumers’ favourites in the beverage market, while others are used for their technical functionality. A clear trend is exchanging some the these plant proteins for upcoming plant proteins for nutrition, sustainability or for a better image in the market. Technologies to develop, optimise and apply the plant proteins will be discussed.

On day 2 of the FiE (december 4) Jovian Bunawan will give a masterclass on Milk: “Understanding dairy components and their interactions: key to successful development of dairy products”

Milk is a versatile ingredient, with unique components. The characteristics of milk and its components can be tailored by processing.  These components can act as building blocks of various ingredients and products, with a wide range of desired textures and flavours. Therefore, understanding the complexity how the various dairy ingredients behave in a wide range of different environments is a key for obtaining the desired product characteristics.

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