Inaugural speech by Dr. Fred van de Velde, professor Protein Transition in Food

With the growing world population and increasing prosperity, the demand for protein and protein-rich products will continue to rise in the coming years. To feed this growing, urban and prosperous world population, food production has to increase by 70% until the year 2050. “It is clear that this increasing demand cannot be met with only the traditional sources of protein,” says Fred van de Velde. “At present 63% of the proteins in human food are still of animal origin (including meat, fish, dairy) and 37% of vegetable origin in the Netherlands.” A ratio of 50:50 is generally seen as a more desirable situation.

On September 18 (2.45-6.00 P.M.), Fred van de Velde will give an inaugural speech about the professorship Protein Transition at HAS University of Applied Sciences, in Den Bosch, the Netherlands. Curious? Save the date and sign up to be present!