International Scientific Association of Probiotics and Prebiotics

Join our Senior Project Manager Fermentation, Martijn Bekker, and our Senior Scientist Microbiomics, Peter Bron, at the International Scientific Assocation of Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP) in Singapore, June 5-7 2018. Martijn will give a pitch presentation about ‘Process design for live biotherapeuric production‘, on the first day of the event, during the ‘Late Breaking News’ session.

Make an appointment with Martijn and/or Peter before the event starts!

The program will deep-dive into probiotic, prebiotic, and microbiome research of critical importance to Asia and beyond. This conference will also provide a unique opportunity for Asian companies engaged in probiotic, prebiotic, fermented food, gut health, and microbiome research and development to join over 40 of the world’s leading companies in these disciplines on ISAPP’s Industry Advisory Committee (IAC). The IAC members will then participate in an additional workshop on June 7, with ISAPP Board members and invited academic experts, to look closely at future opportunities and challenges.